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The research institute for developing one's capability "JizaiNoryoku Kaihatsu Kenkyujyo" 「JNKK」>

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 JNKK was established by Otsuhata in 1995.It has two business purposes.One purpose is to manage "Juku" which is the place to teach study by paying tuition after returning from a school.Another purpose is to support small children and students who have a handicap in development in the view of study, sociality and so on.JNKK manages the former "Juku" by the name of "SOHSEIKAN." and manages the latter by the name of "SPROUTS."   Moreover, in"SPROUTS", JNKK also performs counseling by the Internet for the parents who have a child with a handicap in development.

Representative profile

Dr.Kazushige Otsuhata
Born in 1957. University of Tokyo graduate school, Engineering system graduate course, Doctoral course completion. The degree was acquired by research of development of an artificial blood vessel. Doctor of Engineering. The patents which were applied and the announced paper are a large number. After being engaged in a joint research member of the University of Tokyo and a director of Raytech Corp., the research institute "JNKK" was founded in 1995. "SOHSEIKAN" was established by the same year. And the "SPROUTS" was established in 2001. More than 300 of the prep student to a junior high school, a high school and a university have been taught. There is established reputation in a prep student's instruction. In "SPROUTS" many achievements have also been obtained from the instruction of a small child to a college student and an adult. Hobbies are reading, a car, a drive, and fishing.

Your hand has an infinite possibility. This moment changes you. If you always have zeal and efforts without giving up a dream your dream will certainly be realized, It is because you can become the human being whom you always desire in the heart

by Dr.K.Otsuhata


"SOHSEIKAN": The objects of the student currently looked for are a college student and a member of society from the first grader in an elementary school. The form of instruction is that the one instruction staff teaches three to four students. Moreover, if there is a request from a student, individual guidance is also performed.Experience of attendance without a charge is possible for the student who is having admission inquired.

SOHSEIKAN special course For foreigners:
Collection student: A foreign junior high school student, high school student, and college student. SOHSEIKAN teaches Japanese, mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc.



"SPROUTS": From the small children to college students and the people of around 20 years old who have a handicap in development are supported. A small child is instructed by the method based on application action analysis (ABA). Moreover, support which brings up educational guidance and sociality is performed to the student from a schoolchild. Especially in the direction of more than a junior high school student and a high school student, counseling is taken in, and instruction according to each of the student's purpose is served. Since SPROUTS is making to be allowed to support until the one student can become independent in society into the motto, if allowed to carry out the support which left for the long-term view, I will think that it is happy. In addition, SPROUTS also installs the free school for the student of a handicap in development or the student absent from school for a long time.